Arts Management CV Template

An Arts Management professional’s works normally belongs to an art organization. He has to take care of the day to day accurate and proper working of an art organization. An art Administrator has to work for various cultural and art organizations like art galleries, auction houses, theatre, music companies, museums, opera houses, jazz organizations, symphonies etc. An Arts Management professional has to handle the marketing, staff management and recruitment, making budgets, fund raising, development of programs and event management etc.

 Sample Arts Management CV Template


Sara William

19 Quaker Ridge Rd.
Bethel CT 06801

Phone number – 9879877712

Email Id:

Professional Summary

I am a dynamic, hard-working and dedicated young Arts Management who wants to groom and learn by working with great artists having renowned knowledge and experience.

Career Aim

I seek to join your esteemed and reputed Art Museum as an Arts Management so as to make a noticeable and important contribution to your museum and enhance my career while working with you.

Professional Experience

Assistant Art Administrator, 2007 – till date
New York Art Museum – New York

Professional Duties

  • Assisted my senior in organizing many exhibits for the Art Museum.
  • Handled many charity events for the help of Earthquake victims and others.
  • Arranged many companies to finance the charity art events.
  • Designed and Prepared the  brochures and newsletters for the events
  • Helped the staff members in the marketing of the events.

Core Competencies

  • Enthusiastic and passionate about the job.
  • Stress tolerance so can work in deep pressure
  • Good knowledge of traditional drawing and art.
  • Strong Management skills and works in an organized way.
  • Discipline, Punctuality and ability to work in a dedicated manner
  • Always work with Proper planning and schedule
  • Excellent leadership quality and can lead the team.

Education Qualification

  • Diploma Certification in Commercial Arts, 2007
  • Bachelors in Arts, University of New York, 2006


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