Litigation lawyer CV Template

A litigation lawyer is a person who represents a client in a legal battle in the court. There are many areas of litigation that the person should be an expert in legal procedures, court proceedings etc. The role of a litigation lawyer is quite challenging and the candidate should have good experience for the same.

The CV of a litigation lawyer should be drafted in a very professional manner which should reflect the knowledge as well as the expertise to handle any litigation effectively and this can be done with the help of a litigation lawyer CV template.

Sample litigation lawyer CV


 Personal Background: [The personal details of the candidate that help the employers reach the candidate should be specified here.]

Your Name

Email Address – – Phone Number –

Contact Address –

Personal Statement:

The candidate should give personal statement not exceeding more than three to four lines here which gives a quick outline about the candidate to the prospective employer]

Academic Background:[The candidate should specify education background here in such a manner that gives idea of knowledge levels of the candidate]

  • Professional Body
  • Location where course pursued
  • Name of the Course Pursued
  • Final Grade attained
  • Dates of Completion of the course

College Activities:[ Any college activities that are crucial to understand the personality of the candidate should be employed]

Professional Experience:[The work experience of the candidate should be specified here which should include dates of employment and other details pertinent to the role of a litigation lawyer starting from most latest job performed]

  • Job Title
  • Dates of Employment
  • Key Job Responsibilities
  • Location of Job

 Other:[The candidate should specify other capabilities essential for the role of a litigation lawyer here as given in the examples below]

  • Fluent in English, Spanish and German.
  • Passionate about reading fiction books.
  • Playing Badminton.


References are available upon professional request.

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