Junior lawyer CV Template

A junior lawyer is one who plays a supporting role to the senior lawyers while taking up law suits. A junior lawyer is expected to possess good knowledge of legal aspects apart from undertaking the steps needed for legal action.

The junior lawyer should possess good planning, analyzing, communicating and negotiating skills. Given below is a sample junior lawyer CV template that can be used for reference.

Sample Junior Lawyer CV

Your Name Here
07712 345678
99 Example Street, Example Town, EX4 3PL


[The candidate should specify the professional job statement in this section here]


Personal Skills

  • Include some of your main attributes that are vital for the job role.
  • Do not forget to mention communication and flexibility which are qualities that all employers look for.


  • Give details of any relevant professional qualifications here
  • This section can also have any accreditations acquired by you.
  • Also any professional associations and memberships can be added in this section.


  • University Name, Location – Course Title, Grade
  • College Name, Location – Course Titles, Grades
  • School Name, Location Grades

[The candidate should briefly explain how the courses you took have led you to your chosen career path.]


[The candidate should give the employer a brief introduction to what the company does and explain a bit about the responsibilities your role covered.]

  • Job Title – Company Name – Location
    Dates of Employment
  • Job Title – Company Name – Location
    Dates of Employment

For older jobs you should keep the details slightly shorter, only offering information that will help you reach the next stage in your career.


[The candidate can mention some of the personal interests that reflect the personality to the prospective employers]


References are available on request.

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