Employment Lawyer CV Template

An employment lawyer is generally associated with the employment and labor law. S/he should have an experience in a broad range of employment law areas. In addition, s/he should be well knowledgeable about the employment related compliance schemes.

Sample Employment Lawyer CV Template

David Bourell

55 E Monroe Street

Chicago, IL

Contact No: 312 256 2532

Email Id: bourell@sgs.com

Personal Statement

I have over three years of relevant experience in assisting the human resource

departments for the management and handling of all the labor and employment related

matters of the organization. Over my past job tenure, I have successfully managed all

the employment related litigation and grievances.

Career Objective

To obtain a position as an employment lawyer so that I can use my educational background and past experience in performing the duties in the organization consistently, keeping in mind the safety standards and the legal and regulatory requirements of the organization.

Key Skills

  • Familiar with the employment related schemes such as ADEA, ADA, WARN and FLSA.
  • Experience with internal investigations and bargaining units.
  • Relevant legal experience in labor and employment law.
  • Holder of Maine law license.
  • Ability to work well with human resource professionals and other lawyers.

Work Experience

Fair Point , 2010-Till Date

Employment Lawyer

Primary job responsibilities:

  • Handling and negotiating various the disputes.
  • Management of employment related disputes and litigation.
  • Handling of EEOC, NRLB and related claims.
  • Handling of claims of integration teams.
  • Handling of commercial litigation and disputes.
  • Managing both national and international matters.

CVS, 2008-2009

Employment Lawyer

Primary job responsibilities:

  • Providing advice and support on employment law matters to internal business partners of the organization.
  • Managing employment litigation assigned to outside counsel.
  • Drafting agreements and policies related to various employment matters.
  • Investigating the claims by the company related to employee matters.
  • Providing advice on labor relations, employment agreement and policy related issues.


  • Bachelor degree in Law from Houston Law College, 2007

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