Candidate Attorney CV Template

A candidate attorney is a professional, whose responsibility is to make sure ensures that the articles contract gets signed on or before the due commencement date of the articles and are delivered for registration to the relevant statutory provincial law society. A candidate attorney should comply with all the requirements of the Attorney Act.

Sample Candidate Attorney CV Template

Steven Biegalski

1 Penn Plz

New York, NY

Contact No: 212 256 2564

Email Id:

Personal Statement

I have completed my LLB degree and have read all the relevant Act and the Law

society’s rules. I have obtained the testimonials from two experienced attorneys and I

have collected all the documentary proof regarding the information that I have satisfied

all the requirements for an LLB degree and can now enter into the articles of clerkship.

Career Objective

To obtain a job role as a candidate attorney so that I can make use of the acquired skills acquired after pursuing my LLB degree, so as to sign up a contract of articles of certain period for a reputable law firm and thereby to increase the productivity of the firm.

Key Skills

  • Ability to focus and multitask.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Self motivated and energetic.
  • Good logical thinking skills and problem solving skills.
  • Strong leadership skills.

Educational Qualifications 

  • Bachelor degree in LLB  from Fordham University, 2010
  • Worked as an apprentice candidate attorney at Adams & Adams, 2011

Work Experience

Adams & Adams , 2011-Till Date

Candidate Attorney

I have worked as an apprentice candidate attorney. My specific duties and responsibilities were:

  • Assisting in the preparation of matters of hearing.
  • Attending the consultants with clients and witnesses.
  • Obtaining evidence by researching legal opinions.
  • Attending trail proceedings.
  • Attending the motion proceedings.
  • Attending to the regular running of litigation files under the supervision of professionals.
  • Drafting the court notices and pleadings.

Managing the routine legal practices.

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