QA Game Tester CV Template

A quality assurance game tester is entrusted with the role of finding out any errors and bugs present in the new games that have been developed. The QA game tester ensures the top most quality of the game before its version is released in the market. The candidate should have a software degree for the role of a game tester along with good analytical skills.

The QA game tester looking for a higher position should possess programming skills for better job prospects. An effective resume for this post can be drafted with the help of a QA game tester CV template that helps to showcase the needed skill sets, qualifications and experience.

Sample QA game tester CV Template

Personal Details

Your Name:


Contact Number:

Email address:

Objective: [ Here the candidate should give a professional summary along with future career plans both personal and professional]

Skills: [ Here the candidate should give a list of all the core competencies as a games tester that are vital for employment]

Employment Experience: [ Here the candidate should give a brief history about the company that he/she has worked for along with job responsibilities in short]

1) Job Present – [Here present employment details should be given]

Job Title

Company Name, Location

Dates of Employment

Key Responsibilities

2) Job Previous – [ Here previous employment details should be given up to a maximum of three jobs]

Other Software jobs:  [ Here the candidate should give details of any other related software job that is applicable]

Education Qualifications: [ Here it is essential for the candidate to mention the qualifications that have been acquired which is relevant to the job]

i. Professional Body


Course Title


ii.  Professional Body


Course Title


iii. Professional Body


Course Title


Personal Interests: [ Here the candidate should specify personal interests and hobbies that help the employer to understand personality traits]


References are available on request.

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