Computer Science CV Template

A computer science programmer is a professional, whose sole job is to research, design and develop various computer related equipments and also test them at regular intervals to ensure the smooth functioning of all the departments of a particular organization.

Sample Computer Science CV Template

Emily Paramone

122 Greenville Ave,

Dallas, TX

Contact No:  214 572 2272

Email Id:


I have three plus years of solid experience as a computer science programmer and in my past job tenure, I have developed various programs and tools in order to monitor and analyze the workflow metrics. I have also developed real time programs and systems to track the workflow trends and volume activity. I have the ability to work independently as well as in a team.

Career Objective

To be a computer science programmer, so that I can use my diverse knowledge of database technologies, languages, computer hardware and server systems to perform important functions of your organization such as maintaining software packages, storing and retrieving data and tracking inventory.

Educational Background 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Rockstar Engineering College , 2006
  • Pursued a professional course in Finance and Accounting from DMA Financial Institute, 2007

Professional Work History

University of Arizona , 2010-Till Date

Computer Science Programmer

Tested various computer hardware peripherals and recommended the appropriate hardware as per the specific need of the users. Resolved various problems in the running programs in the PC. In addition, I performed system analysis and various programming tasks in order to maintain the use of different computer system software.

UNK, 2008-2009

Computer Science Programmer

Facilitated all the maintenance and repair needs of the different departments. Prepared departmental databases and spreadsheets for specific uses, as per requirement. Maintained the departmental computer filing systems. Maintained an inventory of office supplies and orders and kept soft copies of several accounting records to provide relevant information during audits.


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