Insurance Broker CV Template

An Insurance Broker is an individual who represents multiple companies and acts as a channel between the Insurance companies and the client. Such a professional helps customers to choose the best Insurance plan by providing impartial opinion and advice to them. He is also responsible for negotiating the Insurance prices of the companies for their clients.

Sample Insurance Broker CV Template


David Patterson

1193Pennsylvania Ave

Washington DC20856

Phone number – 990-732-9022

Email Id:

Professional Summary

Having zeal to work in the growing sector of Insurance, I possess the ability to work as a team member and coordinate effectively with others as well as having the passion to lead others on the same channel resulting in the profit at personal as well as at the organizational level.

Career Goal

Seeking a position of an Insurance Broker in one of the reputed Insurance sector where I can use my experience and expertise to increase the profit of the organization and determining my verifiable career track.

Relevant Skills

  • Integral and ethical towards work.
  • Effective sense of gathering and analyzing information.
  • Good time management attributes.
  • Confident demeanor to make impression.
  • Remarkable communication skills.
  • Good hold on computer and mathematics.
  • Utilize organized approach in order to handle social issues.

Employment History

Cranbell life Insurance, Washington

Insurance Broker, 2009 – Present

I have been working as a broker for many companies and all the services provided by me have proved to be profitable for the clients as well as the companies

Professional duties

  • Keep myself updated with changes in Insurance market.
  • Collecting premiums and updating amounts.
  • Analyzing the client’s needs and presenting the suitable Insurance plan accordingly.
  • Creating reports for the companies and the customers.
  • Maintaining business networks.
  • Ensure the mitigation of risks in the Insurance services.

Education Qualification

  • Diploma in business management, 2008
  • Bachelor’s degree in finance management, 2007


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