Insurance Analyst CV Template

A job of an Insurance Analyst involves the analysis of the associated risks in the applications for Insurance in order to deliver the assured service by the company. They generally act as a link between the information division and other departments in the Insurance Company. The Insurance Analyst has to match the needs of the client with the organization for optimum structure. They are also responsible for determining the exact needs of the clients in order to provide a risk free product.

Sample Insurance Analyst CV Template


James Purcell

Dragram  TZ8549

Phone number – 634-872-1033

Email Id:

Professional Summary

Conscientious and ambitious Insurance Analyst who is well versed with the concepts of Insurance. With five years of experience along with my strengths and capabilities can make a huge contribution to the growing profits of the organization.


Produce integrate strategies in the area of Insurance by securing a position as an Insurance Analyst that will enable to use my strong management skills and ability to work with people.

Professional Experience

Powercom life Insurance Co., Ohio

Insurance analyst, 2007- Present

Job Duties

  • Review the Insurance proposals.
  • Determine the risks involved in the applications.
  • Risk management and reduction.
  • To ensure the delivery of the exact methodology.
  • Research and present guidance to the supportive personnel.
  • Resolve complex problems by optimistic approach.

Core Strength

  • Adapt to changes with ease.
  • Good spoken and communication skills.
  • Excellent demonstration skills.
  • Sound knowledge of Insurance techniques and tactics.
  • Excellent knowledge of current market trends.
  • Expertise in developing business and technical subject matter.
  • Great knowledge of all the modules of the Insurance sector.

Academic Qualification

  • Diploma in Insurance accounts, 2007
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management Administration, 2006


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