Insurance Agent CV Template

Insurance Agents are the professionals who are responsible for working in the area of Insurance and are responsible for selling the Insurance policies, insurance services and related products to the people. They act as an interface between the Insurance organization and the insured applicant. Their major responsibility is to make the clients aware of the Insurance policies and help them understand& buy those policies as per to their requirements.

Sample Insurance Agent CV Template


Mathew Waynes

2907 Boylston Ave
Phoenix  AZ2547

Phone number – 780-197-6552

Email Id:

Professional Summary

Being a licensed and proficient Insurance Agent for all types of Insurance, I see myself working for one of the leading Insurance organization resulting in the enhanced growth of my skills as well as the organization.

Career Goal

Willing to work in one of the renowned Insurance company dealing with Insurance programs that will enable me to use my agency management and effective communication skills towards the benefit of the company and my career.

Relevant Skills

  • Well versed with the related technical and legal terms.
  • Risk analysis and management.
  • Proficient in various languages.
  • Strong analytic skills.
  • Separate licenses of different Insurances.
  • Strong hold on communication skills.
  • Expertise in Insurance sales.
  • Ability to represent in an interactive way and reciprocate to the questions.

Employment History

Montreal Insurance Company, Montana

Insurance agent, 2009 – Present

There my duties involve following responsibilities

  • Ensure negligible risk factor.
  • Analyze the policies and collect the due premiums.
  • Encourage clients to use Insurance products
  •  Ensure loyalty towards the company and the applicant of the policy.
  • Accounting and writing new policies.
  • Recognize the requirements of the client and match them with the suitable policy.

Education Certifications

  • Masters of arts in Business Communication, 2008
  • Bachelors of Arts in communication, 2006


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