HR Business Partner CV

An HR business partner CV is written by a person who wants to work as a business partner in the HR department of the company handling various administrative and strategic duties and also actively working with the employees to look at HR issues from their perspective.

A CV template is useful in pointing out how to make a CV so that the best skills and qualifications of the employee are known and he is able to grab the attention of the prospective employer.

Sample HR Business Partner CV



Residential Address:

Phone Number:


Date of birth:

Current Employment Status Seeking for:

 Career Objective:

Looking to share my skills and knowledge as an HR business partner where I shall endeavor to bring about the necessary transformation to an organization and understand and implement the company’s business strategies [Specify the skills that the concerned applicant wishes to apply and that match with the job requirement]

 Educational Background:

  • Secured a high school degree in the year ____________, scoring ______ [mention marks]
  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree in the year ____________, scoring ______ [mention marks]
  • ______________ [mention any additional qualifications acquired by the candidate which is relevant to this particular job]


  • Excellent _____ [mention certain technical skills required for this post]
  • Very good at [mention any other skills related to creation and scripting of languages]

Work Experience: [Detail the earlier job experiences acquired by the candidate]

  • ________ to  ________, Worked as ___________ [specify the job designation served by the candidate earlier on the particular organization] at ___________ [name of the organization]

Duties performed [for eg, providing new insight to business changes, actively working with employees to bring out their talent and so on]:

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________

Additional information:

  • [Include any other information that is related to this job or where you helped to improve the productivity of the company]

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