Entry Level HR CV

An entry level HR CV is a document which is submitted to an organization by a candidate who is just out of college or without prior work experience and wants to work in the HR department of that company.

The entry-level job duties of in HR may include various managerial roles, handling payroll responsibilities, organizing training of employees and other administrative duties. The entry-level HR CV must highlight skills and qualifications of the employee and also mention any internship or work experience the candidate may have.

Sample Entry Level HR CV


PERSONAL INFORMATION: [Fill up the required fields with information on personal details]

Applicant’s name:

Residential Address:

Phone number:

Email ID:

Employment Status:

Marital Status:

Date of Birth:


Looking for an entry-level post in the HR department of a dynamic company which not only gives me a chance to apply my skills and knowledge but also forms a learning ground where I can hone my abilities. [Add any further points if you feel the need]


  • Obtained high school degree from ________________ [name of the institute] in the year ____________.securing ____ [percentage of marks]
  • Obtained bachelor’s degree from ________________ [name of the institute] in the year ____________.securing ____ [percentage of marks]
  • _________________________ [mention any other professional degrees or certification obtained by the candidate that is relevant to this position]


  • [Mention the various skills the applicant needs to highlight for this job post; they can be functional skills, communication skills, organizational abilities and so on]


  • ____________ to __________ [specify the internship period]: Worked as an intern in ___________ [specify the name of the organization] where my primary duties were ________ [mention area of internship, job responsibilities]


  • [Mention any other information about the candidate and also share any academic achievements that can help create a good impression since he may not have work experience]

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