Food and Beverage Assistant CV

Food and beverage assistants provide assistance in a hotel for everyday activities. The primary duties of a food and beverage assistant include handling customers, managing work shifts of bar tenders and other food staff, resolution of customer complaints, compliance with general procedures for the maintenance and hygiene of dining places, proper sanitation and hygiene for food and beverages etc.

A sample food and beverage assistant CV has been appended below for best use by a candidate seeking the same kind of position in a hotel.

Sample Food and Beverage Assistant CV

Full Name of the Applicant as per records

Complete mailing Address of the applicant

Phone Number of the Applicant

Email address of the Applicant


To make a sound position in an environment that provides good scope for growth and development over a period of time.


High School :

Name of the High School :

Year of Completion :

Name of the Course :

Name of the Institute or College :

Year of Completion :

(The applicant should provide a list of education pursued starting with school and then graduation along with month and year of completion.

Previous Work Experience Designation

Name of the organization

Place of work

Period of Employment

(The applicant should provide details of employment here that fairly give an idea of work experience to the employer)


  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________

(The applicant should provide a list of any of the skills that a food and beverage assistant should possess)


  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________

(The applicant should provide a list of personal hobbies such as any sports, clubs, extracurricular activities, volunteering, etc)


  • REFERENCE ONE DETAILS_____________
  • REFERENCE TWO DETAILS_____________

(The applicant should provide list of at least two references which include their the name and contact information of people such as your teachers, coaches, counselors, etc)

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