Banquet Waiter CV

A banquet waiter is one employed in the banquet. A banquet waiter is in charge of serving the customers who visit the banquet. There are many multi tasking activities that the banquet waiter is required to fulfill such as make arrangements before guests arrive, keep table linen placed properly, place cutlery on the table, placing sugar, salt and pepper containers properly on the table, taking the orders for food from the customers etc.

The banquet waiter also has responsibilities that need to be fulfilled even after the customers leave the banquet such as clearing the dishes and storing items placed on the table back to the cutlery desk. A sample banquet waiter CV is provided for reference here below.

Sample Banquet Waiter CV

Banquet Waiter Complete Name as per official records

Full mailing address of the Banquet Waiter

Contact Number of the Banquet Waiter

E-mail Address of the Banquet Waiter

 Career Objective –

To work in a rapidly growing hotel that helps me to attain my dream of reaching a good position in the hospitality industry.

 Academic Background –

 Completed high school in the year _______ (year of acquiring high school) from _________ (name of the school).

 Completed diploma course in hotel management in the year ________ (year of acquiring diploma) from _________ (name of the institute from where diploma acquired).

 Work Background –

 Working at _____________(name of the hotel working for at present) from _____ to _______ (period of working in the hotel in the role of _________(mention designation working as at present in the hotel).

 Worked earlier at _____________(name of the hotel worked earlier at) from _____ to _______ (period of working in the hotel in the role of _________(mention designation worked as earlier in the hotel).

 Key Strengths –

 Good communication skills

 Pleasing personality

 High levels of Patience

 ________________________

 ________________________

 ________________________

 References –

References are available and will be provided when sought by the employer.

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