Theater CV

People with a theater background can use this template to get further jobs or roles in different plays. Along with the routine description about yourself, you should include the details of plays that you have performed. Along with experience, if you have any play writing or singing or dancing experience, do not forget to mention it. Theater is such a creative field that there is scope for everyone who is creatively inclined.

Sample Theater CV

Uday kumar

343 Gandhi Nagar


Mobile No: +91 445 4546547

Telephone No: +91 345 54 005

Career Objective: Prop manager seeking similar position in a theater company. Team player and will use organizational and design skills for the success of the company. Ready to relocate and travel with the theater company when the season begins.

Professional Experience:

2004 – 2009: Prop Manager with the Star Buzz Theater Company

Theater Manager Objectives:

  • To design props for stage performances
  • To Oversaw the construction and making of props for stage performances
  • To Work in a close collaboration with director and script writer  and set up props on stage
  • To assist director in dress rehearsals and  ensure that props function properly
  • To Oversaw the orders and delivery of props for performances
  • To Repair worn out and damaged props for reuse in the same and subsequent productions


Bachelor of Arts (English Language Studies/Drama Studies) Pune institute of Film studies.


Achieved best theater prop manager for several programs in India and in overseas.


  • Typeface setting
  • Walking


“Upon request”

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