Civil Engineer Resume

Civil Engineer Resume sample is available here. Detailed Civil Engineering sample CV is available for fresher’s and experienced.

Contact Details: A resume should start with contact details that includes your full address including your full name, present address, contact number, email address so that employer can easily communicate with you. These details can be placed at top of right hand side of your word document.

Objective: This is an important part of your Civil Engineer CV which portrays your view that why you want to join the company, your goals and your perspective towards your job and working field. Your objective should be very impressive so that the employer feels that you are the person he was looking for.

Personal Details: Give your full personal detail in your Civil Engineer resume. For example:

  1. Your Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Marital Status
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages Known to you

Educational Background: Give the detailed description of your academics. For example,

  1. Your degree (Bachelors and Masters) with marks.
  2. You should also specify your institute or university where you studied.
  3. City and State of your institute or university.
  4. You can specify other formal training if you had.

Skills: You can mention your interpersonal skills like your leadership quality, technical and practical aspects of construction, good contacts and market knowledge, excellent computer knowledge, communication skills, etc.

Work Experience Details: Give full detail of your past working experience, about the company, the projects you handled, responsibilities involved, etc.

Interests: You can mention your other interests, hobbies and activities in which you participated. Try to show the area of interests that is related to your job.

Non Professional Positions of Authority: If you are having any authorized position in any organization or committee you should mention it in your resume.

Achievements: Mention your special achievements or awards related to your careers that you have achieved during school, college or during job. This will be a positive point for you.

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