Aeronautical Engineer CV Template

An aeronautical engineer is a person who makes use of engineering skills to provide designing, maintenance of aerospace equipments and aeronautical systems. The role of an aeronautical engineer revolves around safety of flights, aircrafts, missiles, weapon systems, satellites and various space ships.

The key responsibilities of an aeronautical engineer is to ensure proper functioning of equipments, reduction in functioning costs, testing equipment for safety, integration of aero systems and also overall maintenance of these equipments. Due to the nature of job undertaken by the aeronautical engineer the CV has to be very impressively designed just as the sample aeronautical engineer CV template given below.

Sample Aeronautical Engineer CV Template

(The candidate should provide personal details according to the details given below)

Candidate name :

Candidate address :

Candidate contact number :

Candidate email address :

Career Overview:

(The candidate should provide an impressive career statement along with providing skills possessed)

To Secure the position of an aeronautical engineer in an organization that understands my long term vision for scientific research in the field of aeronautics given my skills. My skills include:

  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________ 
  • _________________
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Research Abilities


(The education details of candidate should be provided)

Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering :          Completed in year

Name of University, location of the university :

Overall Grades Obtained :

Professional Experience:

(The employment details of candidate should be provided)

Designation :                                                   From – To

Name of Organization :

Key Duties Fulfilled :

  •  __________________________
  •  ___________________________
  •  ___________________________
  •  ___________________________
  •  ___________________________

Hobbies and Interests:

(The hobbies and interests of the candidate should be specified here)

I have hobbies such as Cooking, practicing Karate _______________






(The candidate should provide references along with their details as per employers requirement when necessary)

Provide upon request.

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