Early Childhood Education CV Template

An individual working in the field of early childhood education is responsible for providing education to the children up to the age of eight years. The specific job duties of an early childhood educator vary from job to job and the age of the students whom they are educating.

It is necessary for an early childhood educator to have the ability to administer discipline and good evaluation skills. The CV of an early childhood educator must be drafted accurately and in order to do so he can follow the structure given in an early childhood education CV template.

Sample Early Childhood Education CV Template

Name of the candidate: ___________

Contact number: _______________

Residential address: _____________

Email id: _____________________

Educational and Training Qualification:

  • Bachelors degree in ___________[ field] from ____________________ [name of the educational institution] in the year _________ [year of passing]
  • Mention details of other degrees and courses


  • Received _______________ [number of months] training in early childhood education from _____________ [name of the educational institute]

 Key Skills:

  • Extremely caring nature
  • Ability to administer discipline
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

Career Goal:

I want to obtain the position of an early childhood educator and makes best use of my ______________[ mention the skill sets] skills in order to __________________________ [the purpose for which he wants to use his skills]

Work Experience:

  • Worked in the position of an early childhood educator in ________________ [name of the kindergarten school] from ______________ [joining date] to _____________ [leaving date]. My job functions were:
  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. _________________
  4. _________________
  5. _________________

[make a list of the particular job functions]

  • Worked in the position of __________________ [designation type] in ________________ [name of the organization] from ______________ [joining date] to _____________ [leaving date] where:
  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. _________________
  4. _________________

[mention in details the job responsibilities of the individual in that organization


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