IT Audit Director CV Template

An IT Audit director is a person who is in charge for the auditing process of technology in an organization. The role of an IT auditor is very crucial for an IT organization as he helps to balance the systems in the organization according to the norms and procedures without fail.

Some of the key duties of an IT audit director are administration of overall information systems of the organization, ensure proper use of database management systems, ensure high levels of security checks etc. One should take help from the sample IT audit director CV template that gives fair idea of how the CV of a candidate in such a position should be drafted.

Sample IT Audit Director CV Template

Candidate Name

Address of the Candidate

Contact Number of the Candidate

Email Address of the Candidate


(The candidate should provide a good career goal here that provides the skills of the candidate such as “I am seeking a challenging role _________ which help put my skills_______ to best use”).


(The candidate should provide details of education here such as name of the educational qualification, year of passing, name of the school/college/university in a clear manner)

  • Name of the educational qualification
  • Year of passing
  • Name of school/college/university


(The candidate should provide complete details of work experience by providing details such as name of the company, address of the company, years of service and key job responsibilities fulfilled in this section here)

  • Name of the company
  • Address of the company
  • Years of service
  • Key job responsibilities


(The candidate should mention the key skills that the candidate possesses as an IT audit candidate)

  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________


References are available and will be provided on request of the employer.

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