Program Designer CV

A Program Designer is an individual who takes the charge of growth and planning for different software programs made for business and private use. By using various conventions and training programs, a Program Designer is solely accountable for improvements, maintainingcurrent programs and giving solutions for any mechanical problem that may occur within the programs. A Program Designer CV must initiate an expert technical profession, with a passion in software development and computing.

Sample Program Designer CV 


Harry Delmar

145 Hitchcock Road,

Crestwind Circle 45677,


Career Objective

Seeking for a placement as a Program Designer in an organization, where my capabilities and understanding can help in bringing out a wider success and growth of the organization

Personal and Professional Skills

  • Extensive knowledge about designing programs and its expansion
  • Ease to work outside schedule times to make sure all projects are meeting deadlines
  • Thorough with programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CCP, Perl
  • Proven efficiency by previous work experience on several operating systems
  • Knowledge about various hardware (IBM, Sun, Dell) and software (MS Office Suite)
  • Well-known ability to develop and debug
  • Thoughtful practices for testing and using programs
  • A peaceful and positive nature during times of work pressure

Professional Experience

Program Designer

Organization: SUN Microsystems

Duration: April 2009- present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Self-assured to meet all program deadlines and each program meets the client’s needs
  • Improving the development patches for programs on hand
  • Broadened perspective to reestablish programs for both self and business use
  • Executing checks using various tools to make sure if the programs function appropriately
  • Making sure all mechanical and practical issues are fixed successfully

Program Designer

Organization: Rosetta Stone

Duration: August 2007- January 2009

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Creating documents to feed information about software technicalities, setting up and guide to troubleshooting for various projects
  • Discussions via connection with the quality assurance sector to make sure the regular process is carried out during the assigned task
  • Planning of new programs and improving current programs
  • Designing of realistic interfaces for several programs


Master’s Degree in Program and Software Development

Year: 2006

Harvard University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Year: 2003

Harvard University


Available on request

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