Event Designer CV

An event designer is someone who is deeply involved in implementing a proposed decor for an overall look at a particular event. An event designer works through a range of events, which includes entertainment and professional events, such as festive occasions, weddings, business conferences and product launches. An event designer CV must reveal a passion for creativity and the talent to think beyond the box.

Sample Event designer CV 


Paul Thompson

144 Hitchcock Road,

Candlewood Circle 45249



Career objective

Looking for a job prospect to work as a designer for events in a highly challenging and capable environment where I can apply my practice and existing awareness about design, and assist towards the growing benefit of the organization.

Professional and Personal Skills

  • Extensive skill and a record which proves the ability of event designing experience by being a part of various professional or entertainment events
  • Expanding professional networks with clients
  • Involvement in various tasks and skilled in solving problems
  • Aptitude to develop the venue’s design and decor as it suits best to the requirement of the event
  • Good connections with people involved in managing events such as photographers, florists and others who are a source of event’s service and solution
  • Flexibility  to work in any shifts to meet the requirements of the event
  • Outstanding skills of organizing, communicating and coordinating with the team

Work Experience

Position: Event Designer

Organization: Eventique

Period: July 2010- present

Job functions and responsibilities

  • Designing and considering all variety of events in the state
  • Meeting with official clients to comprehend the event’s condition and initiating agendas accordingly
  • Satisfaction to clients by completing the event schedule on time and within the budget given
  • Developing flow charts and consigning different roles to the people involved
  • Assistance in selecting the space for the event, given the required resources

Work Experience

Position: Event Designer

Organization: Roberts Event Group

Period: December 2007- April 2012

Job functions and responsibilities

  • Involvements in meetings with Head Designer to converse and confirm the final design
  • Effective communication with clients and meeting at the decided time
  • Performance of various sales and advertisement activities for different types of events
  • Expansion of detailed qualifications for the requirement of the event
  • Supervise necessary paperwork and pay required expenses to suppliers

Academic Qualifications and Certifications

Degree: MA Degree in Event Management

Year: 2006

Result: Pass

University: Princeton University

Degree: BA Degree in Event Management

Year:  2002

Result: Pass

University: Princeton University


Available on request

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