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A Car Designer is a person responsible for designing fashionable and modified cars that we drive every day. These designers have a sense of complexities that starts off with rough drawings, moving onto illustrative 3D pictures and lastly holding workshops where these designs are placed into build-up cars to check for functioning. A Car Designer CV must elaborate capable professionals who are able to meet their crafty concepts with the latest values of car designing, with an expert knowledge of AutoCAD and other designing purposes, along with the familiarity of the latest technological trend.

Sample Car Designer CV 


Julia Stewart

180 Work Street,

Bramblewood Circle 65478 ,


Career Objective

Seeking for a post of a Car Designer in a company where my ability and understanding of car designing can be a useful source for the company’s growing success and advancement.

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Immense knowledge of how to research and advance for assigned car design tasks
  • Thorough with using computers
  • Outstanding skills of being a team player, well connected to other departments and being a leader
  • A wide familiarity of applying value-based ideas and using expert knowledge for car designing
  • Flexible to work under stressful work atmosphere and strict time lines

Professional Experience

Organization: Chrysler Design

Position: Car Designer

Duration: May 2009- present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Execution of highly developed components and parts into the finishing design
  • Determining cost approximation and supplied least cost suggestions for the ultimate design
  • Planned the inside and out of the car by using the most recent tools
  • Designing the exterior portions for a range of sports cars
  • Worked towards building up the finishing designs for “ACER”, an automatic car furnished with auto drive method
  • Drawings draft sketches and aiming to develop them into the eventual design through regular meetings with the R&D team

Organization: Prisma Design International

Position: Car Designer

Duration: August 2006- October 2010

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out computer and calculative jobs
  • Acknowledged the features of the final design
  • Developed the inside graphics of the car
  • Providing an explanation for the finishing design for the car’s complex instruments and parts
  • Planned drawings from the rough sketches and referred to the R&D team for further alterations and adjustment
  • Designing ways of improving the current models of cars

Academic Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Product Designing

University of Houston

Year: 2005

Grade: A+

Bachelor’s Degree in Automobile Engineering

University of Houston

Year: 2002

Grade: A+


Available on request

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