Receptionist CV Cover Letter Template


______________ [the person to whom the letter is addressed]

______________ [job position of the person]

______________ [the organization in which the sender is applying]

______________ [official address line 1 of the organization]

______________ [official address line 2 of the organization]

Dated: _________ [the date on which the letter has been written]

Subject: ________ [mention the position for which the sender is writing the CV cover letter]

Respected ______  [surname of the recipient],

I am interested in working in the position of a receptionist in your __________________ [type of organization]. I am confident that _________________ [the factors regarding which the sender is confident] and so I am applying for the particular position. Above that it has always been a desire to work in a reputed ______________ [type of organization] like yours.

I have _________________ [number of years] of work experience as a receptionist which has helped me ___________________ [mention how the work experience as receptionist has benefited the sender]. My last job was with ________________ [name of the previous employer organization] where I have worked from _____________ [date of joining] till ________________ [last day of working]. I had to _______________________________ [mention in details the various job duties carried out by the individual in that particular organization]. I have researched about your organization and have found that ____________________ [strong points of the organization that attracts the sender]. Thus I am keen on joining your organization. I can assure you that I have _____________________ [mention the various skills as well as abilities possessed].

I am eager to meet you and discuss in details about the job responsibilities. It would be great if you do consider me for the position and call me for an interview. I am enclosing my CV along with the letter. Please let me know if any other information is needed from my side.


__________________ [name of the sender]

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