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A Professional CV cover letter holds as much importance as a well drafted resume. So, a cover letter cannot be ignored while searching for a job. A well addressed cover letter ensures that the prospective employer will open up the resume of the candidate. On the other hand, a dull cover letter can force the employer to move the resume of the candidate to trash.

Sample Professional CV Cover Letter Template 

Dt: 29th June 2012

Mr. Jeffery Bening

190 Lexington Ave

New York, NY

Contact No: 212 451 2457

Email Id: jeff@sfs.sts

Mr. Halil Berber

Head , HR Department

IDEV Solutions

149 Madison Ave

New York, NY

Tel: 212 045 4125

Respected Mr. Berber,

I am writing you on behalf of the job opening of Web Content Writer in your reputed organization. I have gone through your website very clearly and it is evident that you are taking a lead, not only in the role of creating professional blogs but also in website development, management and many more. You are making use of various advanced skills to your requirement and your specific two teams i.e. the content development team and the web development team proves your excellence and expertise in the respective field.

Sir, I am a bachelor in technology with Electronics as my stream. In addition, I have pursued two training course namely, Oracle certified Associate and Oracle certified Professional from Bloochip Institute of Professional Studies.

I have three years of relevant experience in both technical and non technical content writing. In addition,

  • I have good understanding of online marketing strategies.
  • I am proficient in MS Office tools.
  • I have basic knowledge of HTML.
  • I have working knowledge of technical tools such as Framemaker, RoboHelp and Epic Editor.

Sir, I am now confident that I can provide you with quality articles by strictly following the deadlines. I want to join your content development team so that I can use my speed and accuracy to make a positive contribution to the growth rate of your organization.

I look forward to your reply. I am always available at 125452323.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Jeffery Bening


  • Curriculum Vitae of Jeffery Bening

OCA & OCP certificates


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