Pharmacist CV Cover Letter Template


_________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________ [designation in which the recipient is working]

_________________ [name of the pharmacy or the pharmaceutical company]

_________________ [office address of the pharmacy or the pharmaceutical company]

Dated: ____________ [in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: Cover letter for the position of a pharmacist

Respected ________________ [last name of the recipient with proper salutation before it],

This is to bring to your notice I am keen on being a part of your organization. I am aware about the vacancy in your organization in the position of pharmacist from ________________________ [source from which the individual got know about the vacancy in the organization] and would like to apply for the same.

It has always been a desire to make a career in the field of pharmacy. My previous work experience includes ______________________________________ [mention in details the previous work experience of the individual, that is the job position he has worked and the companies in which he was employed. Also mention the total number of years of work experience he has]. In my last job I was ___________________________________ [mention the various job duties performed by the individual in the job position he was working]. I have always been a ____________________________ [mention in details the strong points of the individual as a professional]. I possess _____________________ [the particular skills possessed by him]. I am ___________________________ [the abilities of the individual that make him suitable for the job position].

It will be an honor working in a reputed pharmacy like yours. I would request you to consider me for the position and if possible we could meet in order to __________________________ [the purpose of the meeting which is usually to give an interview or discuss about the job responsibilities]. Please find my CV enclosed along with the letter.


_____________________ [name of the sender]

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