Employment CV Cover Letter Template

An employment cover letter is a letter that is sent to the prospective employer along with the resume. The cover letter plays a very important role in the screening process and many candidates are being disqualified due to absence of cover letter or a tedious one. An employment CV cover letter should encourage the employer to know more about the candidate and to think as whether s/he can be the perfect candidate for the specific job position.

Sample Employment CV Cover Letter Template

Dt: 29th July 2012

Mr. Jonathan Bard

Head, Recruitment Section

Nicco ventures

301 Perimeter Ctr

Atlanta, GA

Tel: 678 421 4521

Respected Mr. Brad,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of research analyst in your organization. Founded by Nicco Group, you specialize in the field of recruiting permanent managerial and technical professionals. You handle a variety of recruitment processes for fresher requirement for a large number of your clients which proves your excellence and expertise in the field. Sir, I want to b a part of your team so that I can make use of my past experience in effectively adding up to your productivity levels.

Sir, I am a graduate in Science from Harvard University and presently working as a research analyst at Target Corporation. Since the past two years in the organization, I have worked for clients in different sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, media, finance, banking, retail sector and many more. I have conducted thorough research according to the manpower needs of the clients for the sake of preparing databases and to hire skilled professionals. I created and maintained all the analysis reports in a very organized way.

In addition to the researching skills that I have gained, I have developed good analytical skills, communication skills and efficient problem solving skills over time and that helped me a lot in providing quality service to my past organization.

Sir, I assure you that I will catch up your needs and requirements in a very short period of time without needing much assistance and will deliver you with high quality services as soon as possible.

I have included my resume for your review. I look forward to an appointment with you to discuss my candidacy in more detail.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Seth Bank

620 Peachtree St

Atlanta, GA

Tel: 404 452 7865

Email Id: seth@sjs.org

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