Designer CV Cover Letter Template


______________ [name of the recipient]

______________ [designation of the recipient]

______________ [name of the organization]

______________ [office address of the organization]

Dated: _________ [in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: Cover letter for ____________  [name of the position as a designer]

Respected Mr. ___________________ [surname of the recipient],

This is in regards to the ongoing recruitment process in your organization for candidates in the position of _______________ [the particular designer position for which the organization is hiring]. I would like to bring to your notice that I am keen applying for similar position in your organization.

I have been working as a _______________ [the particular designer position] for a period of ______________________ [number of years of work experience]. I have done my _________________ [the designing course or degree pursued by the individual] from _____________ [name of the designing school]. I started my career as ___________________ [the job position in which the individual started his career] in ________________ [name of the employer organization]. In my previous job I had to ____________________ [mention in details the job duties performed in that particular position]. I have also ___________________ [mention the other designing experience of the individual]. In my previous organization __________________ [mention the achievements made by the individual in his previous work experience]. I have excellent designing skills and the ability to _______________________________ [mention the various abilities possessed by the individual].  I believe that by working in your organization _____________________ [mention the achievements the individual wants to make by working in the organization]. I would also be able to __________________________ [mention how the individual would be able to contribute towards the progress of the organization]. 

I am eager to be a part of your organization. I am enclosing my CV and sample of my designing work with this cover letter. Looking forward to your positive reply.

Thanking you,

__________________ [name of the sender]

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