Business Analyst CV Cover Letter Template


_______________ [recipient’s name]

_______________ [recipient’s designation]

_______________ [the organization to which the individual is applying]

_______________ [office address of the organization]

Dated: __________ [in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: Cover letter for the position of a business analyst

Respected ______________ [last name with proper salutation before it],

This is in response to the advertisement posted in _______________________ [name of the magazine or newspaper in which the advertisement was posted] on________________ [date of posting the advertisement] edition regarding the requirement of a candidate in the position of a business analyst. I am keen on applying for the particular job position in your organization ___________________ [mention the reason for which the sender is applying for this job].

Currently I am working in the position of ______________ [mention the current designation of the sender in the employer company] in ___________________ [the name of the employer organization] since ________________ [the date from which the sender started working in the organization]. I work with ____________________ [the various employees with whom he carries out his job duties]. During my tenure in this organization I have _________________ [mention the experience gained at this organization and the things learned]. Above that I am proficient in ________________________ [mention the areas in which the sender is proficient that will also help him in the position of a business analyst]. My ________________ [the particular skills and abilities of the sender that will help him in the job] will _____________________ [how the skills and abilities are beneficial for this position].

I am enclosing my resume with this letter for your reference. I am looking forward to a positive reply from your end. For any other information, you can please contact me on __________ [provide the contact details].

Thanking you,

__________________ [name of the sender]

__________________ [address of the sender]

__________________ [contact number of the sender]

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