What does an art CV look like

A CV, short for curriculum vitae is a document which is formally written and is used to jot down the various professional and personal details of an individual. These documents are sent to possible employers or companies to whom the sender has applied to for a particular job position. An Art CV is a CV which has been prepared by a person who has applied to an art related job in an organization.

These CVs generally focus on the art related skills and qualifications of the applicant and are used to showcase the creative nature of the person. The following is a description of  how an Art CV must look like.

  • An Art CV must have a heading which says ‘Art Curriculum Vitae’ on the top of the document.
  • The CV must always begin by giving the personal details of the applicant and this section of the CV must have points such as the name, contact details, age and date of birth etc.
  • One of the most important parts of the art CV is the part which consists of the art skills of the individual. One must put down the points in bulleted form and should give a detailed description of each skill.
  • A section for academic qualifications may or may not be present depending upon the nature of the job title and whether or not it requires any specific educational degrees or diplomas.
  • The work experience details of the applicant can also be written down in one section of the Art CV. This part must mention the names of the companies where the individual has worked prior to this applicant.
  • The last part of the CV can be reserved for giving the details of the hobbies and other interests of the person.

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