How to write good business analyst CV

A business analyst is an employee of a business organization who is responsible for studying and analyzing the existing business model and integration of the company and see whether it is in sync with the latest technology and development in the industry. Any person who is interested in becoming a business analyst for a company must prepare a well detailed CV or curriculum vitae for himself.

A business analyst CV is a formal document which states the various details of the applicant such as his skills, academic qualifications, qualifications and work experience. To frame a good business analyst CV one must keep certain points in mind. You can refer to the following points for help.

  • The first thing that must be kept in mind is the fact that the CV must be self explanatory and should be backed with proof of certificates etc.
  • The CV must start by giving the personal details of the applicant such as his/her name, age, date of birth, gender, contact number, address etc.
  • After this, one must enter a career objective or resume objective statement which must define the reason why the applicant is applying for the job or his/her career goal.
  • After the resume objective, the CV must consist of the academic or educational details or qualifications of the aspiring business analyst. This part can have details of schooling, graduation, post graduation etc.
  • A part of the CV must be reserved for giving the information about the certificates and diplomas earned by the applicant. A business analyst may have business related diplomas etc.
  • An aspiring business analyst can also mention his/her skills and hobbies in the CV. This part will give an idea about the personality or attributes of the applicant to the employer and may work in the applicant’s favour.

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