How to write a CV for an advertising agency

A CV or curriculum vitae is a document which is used by people to send across the information about their skills and qualifications to an employer or a company to which they wish to apply for a job. A CV consists of details like academic qualifications, skills, interests, hobbies, work experience and career objective statement.

A CV which is sent to an advertising agency is one that must have suitable details of the applicant. If you wish to apply for an advertising job in an advertising agency, then the following tips and suggestions shall be really very useful for your purpose.

  •  The person writing the CV for an advertising agency must keep in mind that the CV has a formal format and a formal tone of writing.
  • The CV must begin with a heading that says ‘Curriculum vitae’ so that the recipient can know the purpose of the document.
  • The personal details of the applicant must be entered in the first part of the CV. This part should consist of details like name, address, contact number, email address, gender, date of birth etc.
  • The next part of the CV for an advertising agency must have the academic details of the individual which should also include the names of the institutes from where the applicant has pursued the studies.
  • The next part of the CV should have details of the courses and training programs that the applicant has undertaken.
  • A section should also be reserved for giving the work experience details of the individual. This must include the names of the companies where the applicant has worked before.
  • One can also list his/her hobbies and advertising related skills in the last part of the CV so that the employer can know about him/her in a better way.

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