How to write a CV for an accounting job

A CV for an accounting job is a kind of a CV which is written by someone who is interested in an accounting job in a company or an organization. Any such CV must focus upon the various skills and academic qualifications relating to accounting possessed by the individual. A CV is a formal document which speaks about the various qualifications and qualities of a person and helps him/her to apply at different companies and organizations.

The CV for an accounting job must be impressive and strong enough for the employer to instantly hire the applicant. To help you frame such a CV, we have the following sets of points and suggestions.

  • Before starting the body of the CV, a proper heading must be written down in the first line of the document. This line should say ‘curriculum vitae’ so that the recipient can get a hint about the nature of the document.
  • The accounting job aspirant must enter his personal details like name, address, contact info, date of birth etc in the first part of the CV.
  • This should be followed by giving a short and precise career goal statement. Here, the reason for applying to the accounting job must be written down in addition to the career objective of the applicant.
  • The academic details including schooling details, graduation details, and post graduation details must be written down.
  • The next part must comprise of the details of the training, courses and intern ships undertaken by the applicant.
  • The next part of the CV must include the work experience details of the individual. This part must give the duration of previous work experiences as well.
  • One must always write details of his skills and interests in the CV as well. This part can have the hobbies as well.

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