How to write a CV for a business analyst

To write a CV for the position of a business analyst, one must first be qualified and educated enough to handle the duties and responsibilities that come tagged with the job. The CV for this post must be framed in a very careful and precise manner. A CV is a document which consists of all those details which make the applicant suitable for the given job position.

The academic details, skills, qualifications and work experience details of the applicant must also be written down in the CV for the position of a business analyst. If you are wondering how to write a CV for a business analyst, then please go through the following given points, tips and suggestions.

  • To start with, reserve the first section of the CV to write down your personal information including your name, gender, age, contact information etc.
  • Giving a career objective statement is very important for a CV to be complete and professional. This statement must include your career goal and the reason why you have applied for the post of a business analyst to reach your goals.
  • One must not forget to write down the academic qualifications, names of courses, colleges and diplomas in one part of the CV.
  • A separate section can have details of the awards and certificates that you have won.
  • Another part of the business analyst CV must have the full details of the previous work experience of the applicant. This section must have the details of the companies where you have worked and also the length of time for which you have worked in each company.
  • The last section of the CV must have the hobbies and interests that you possess.
  • Be formal, professional and precise in drafting the CV.

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