Legal Consultant CV

A legal consultant is a professional who provide legal services to various business sectors. The consultants may deliver their services to different sectors such as banking, real estate, tax etc according to their educational backgrounds. A legal consultant CV must outline the problem solving and good interpersonal skills of the candidate along with required level of experience in this field.

Sample Legal Consultant CV 

Brian Evans

2860 Fisher road

Columbus, OH

Contact no: 614 452 4587

Email Id: evans@sfs.sss

Professional Summary

For the last five years, I have worked on various complex legislation and court cases. I have successfully solved the legal issues of the clients by making use of my knowledge in legal administration. I provided strategic plans and designs according to the specific needs and requirements of the business entities.

Career Objective

Seeking a position as a legal consultant so that I can efficiently make use of previous experience in designing and drafting the legal documents such as plan documents, administrative materials and employment policies for various business entities.

Professional Work History

Duration: 2009-Till Date

Organization: Mercer

Job Title: Legal Consultant

My job role included creating tools to mend the problem of the clients, performing technical analysis, creating articles for generating revenue, developing contents for the internal and external clients in order to inform them about the regulatory developments. I worked as a team leader in various projects concerning business development.

Duration: 2007-2008

Organization: MDRC

Job Title: Legal Consultant

I worked with the legal department to draft contracts with the business organizations and

consultants. I organized all the contracts very carefully before their final execution. I also assisted the staff members on various legal issues as and when needed.

Educational Background

  • Master degree in Business Administration, Canton State University, 2006
  • Bachelors degree in Law, Sullivan Law College, 2004

Additional Skills

  • Good knowledge of handling web based management systems and basic computer software.
  • Sound knowledge of human resource concepts.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Strong leadership skills and organizational skills.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.


Available on request.

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