Education Consultant CV Template

An education consultant generally works for the educational institutions and various publishing houses. S/he supports the training and education needs of the organization by preparing high standard educational modules and designing training sessions. An education consultant CV template should display the required level of experience and the responsibility of the candidate.

Sample Education Consultant CV Template 

Eric Fahrenthold

235 Oakland Rd

San Jose, CA

Contact no: 408 451 7856

Email Id: eric@mail.rss

Personal Profile

I have more than five years of experience working as an education consultant in various educational institutions. Over my job tenure, I designed and developed different forms of training materials, lesson plans and presentation materials. I always ensured that all the materials are being produced as per the prescribed standards of the organization.

Career Objective

To be an educational consultant which will let me utilize my researching and analytical skills to perform the various educational and training duties as assigned by the organization in order to strengthen the educational system in a fast pace.

Educational Background

1. Master degree in Instructional technology, Clarkson University, 2006

2.  Bachelors degree in Science, Clarkson University, 2003

Work Experience

Tenure: 2009- Till date

Organization: OCHIN

Job Title: Education Consultant

Job responsibilities:

1.  Working with the education and training team to analyze the system and to seek out for new possibilities and innovations.

2.  Conducting webinars on various subjects.

3.  Instructing groups on various topics.

4.  Providing support during the implementation of new software.

5.  Preparing online modules and presentation materials.

Skills needed:

  •   Good analyzing and problem solving skills.
  •   Ability to work under pressure.
  •   Ability to think innovative ideas and implement them successfully.
  •   Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Tenure: 2007-2008

Organization: People Fluent

Job Title: Education Consultant

Job responsibilities:

  •   Preparing training materials and documentation for customers.
  •   Testing and maintaining the training software at regular intervals of time.
  •   Arranging product demonstrations, seminars, field assignments and group projects.
  •   Writing various online and offline educational materials.
  •   Conducting classes for internal and external customers.

Skills needed:

  •   Proficiency in basic computer programs.
  •   Strong organizational and leadership skills.
  •   Strong presentation skills.
  •   Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills.


Available on request.

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