Field Engineer CV

The main job role of a field engineer is to handle both the constructional and the administrative sections of the organization. In more detail, the tasks include coordinating the materials inventory, preparing the cost estimates, analyzing the project statistics from time to time etc. A field engineer CV should outline the required educational qualifications and the level of experience that is required for the job.

Sample Field Engineer CV 

Thomas Edgar

160 Rio Grande St

Austin, TX

Contact No: 512 425 2013

Email Id: edgar@ute.sns


I have four years of experience in executing the various small scale and large scale construction projects. I have coordinated successfully with the contractors and the sub contractors to do the job well; keeping in mind, the quality standards of the company. With a positive sense of urgency, I have always tried to complete the projects on time so as to attain the maximum client satisfaction.

Technical Skills 

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and database concepts.
  • Familiar with record maintenance software.
  • Knowledge of the general standards used in the construction industry.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team.

Career Objective

To be a field engineer so that I can use my acquired skills and knowledge in serving various government sector and private sector clients of the organization with the design and construction work.

Work Experience

Shaw, 2010-2011

Field Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Observing the ongoing construction projects at regular intervals so as to ensure that all the work is going on, according to the industry standards and according to the rules and regulations of the state and federal governments.
  • Preparing the project specifications and organizing meetings with the clients, as and when needed.

Brinderson, 2008-2009

Field Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Creating and managing the project schedules, budget requirements and the procedures to be adopted in the completion of the project.
  • I was keeping data about the delivery of the materials by communicating with the material control manager.
  • I worked in association with the project managers to keep the record of status of various projects.

Educational Qualifications

  • Masters degree in Architectural engineering, University of Albany, 2007
  • Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering, University of Albany,2004


Available on request.

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