Boat Builder CV

The job of a boat builder is very crucial because they are responsible for developing a whole new design of boat by keeping in mind, all the technical aspects of the construction process and safety standards. There are various considerations while constructing a boat like the calculation of the weight that it would have to withstand, the length to width ratio etc. A boat builder CV must showcase accurate technical knowledge and good mathematical skills so as to do the job perfectly.

Sample Boat Builder CV

Christopher Ellison

75 Arlington Street

Boston, MA

Contact No: 617 425 2102

Email Id:

Key Performance Areas

For the last three years, I am actively engaged in the boat manufacturing process. I am acquainted with the various calculative methods associated with the construction process such as calculating the maximum weight capacity, calculating the safe load weight etc. I am now knowledgeable about the floating techniques and have performed the stability tests also.

Career Objective

To get a position as a boat builder so that I can use my past experience and technical knowledge in designing high quality boats for supply to various clients of the organization.

Work Experience

DMS International, 2009- Till Date

Boat Builder

Job Description:

ü  I handled the task of boat building, right from the initial phase i.e. the design phase according to the specific needs and requirements of the clients.

ü  I crafted the design by taking advice from the fellow designers.

ü  I conducted all the measurement procedures very carefully so as to minimize even the minute mistakes that can happen in the construction phase.

ü  In addition, I was also analyzing all the electronic controlling equipments that are to be fitted in the boat.

ü  Moreover, I was also handling the documentation tasks like preparing the list of raw materials and estimating the associated cost of the projects etc.

Educational Qualifications

  • High School Diploma in Mechanical engineering, Alfred University, 2007
  • Pursued vocational training course titled ‘Marine mechanic course’, Ulster College of marine technology, 2008

Professional Qualifications

  • Ability to read and understand the instruction manuals.
  • Familiar with the operation of the electrical and electronic equipments that are to be installed in the boat.
  • Good mathematical skills.
  • Working knowledge of basic computer software.
  • Sound knowledge of the automation concepts.


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