Offshore Banker CV Template

If you think that you could manage offshore investment funds efficiently you might want to think about writing your resume for a job like this. Don’t forget that just as in case of any other job, your resume shouldn’t be longer than two pages, or the employers might not read it.


Always start with your objectives. Remember that you have to ‘sell yourself’ so you should mention that you want to increase the profitability of the given company through the X years of experience you have in the field and through the knowledge that you have gathered in all this time.

Areas of expertise

In this part of your resume you should just mention the fields that you are good in. These may include budget management, pro forma analysis, key performance measures procedures and policies and any other field that you are an expert in.


Always start with your latest work experience. Include in your resume the things that you were responsible for. For instance you could mention that you performed controlling and capacity managing and you handled security traders and treasury.

It is also a good idea to mention the improvements that you brought to the process to speed it up, such as using Microsoft spreadsheets. Mention the information you gathered into reports, thus improving the reporting technique of the company. You might have created yearly reports of the accounts of the subsidiaries so don’t forget about that.

Maybe you kept in touch with the external auditors regarding banking standards and regulations. Usually the offshore bankers prepare financial statements analysis and reporting regarding capital adequacy. Include the innovations that you made, such as forecast and budgetary projection and also mention the value of this projection if we are talking about a larger sum.

It is important to have good communication and negotiation skills, so if you happened to negotiate with other people, such as vendors, this would make you resume look more appealing. If you were working with an outsource team, you should mention this as well because it will show the employer that you are prepared for the job.

Another important thing to think about is the ability to deliver presentations. In some cases the bankers are expected to deliver presentations in order to sell their services or to show the clients that their money is safe.


In the end also talk about your education and the certificates that you might have that are relevant for the job.

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