Bank Teller CV Template

The main duty of the bank teller is to deal with the financial transactions of the customers. This means that they have to take deposits, process and account loan payments and performing withdrawals. If you would like to have a job of this kind and to help choose the best bank account for the client, you must have a resume which convinces the employer that you are the most suitable for the job.

Objective statement

This is an important part of the resume. You should state that you are looking for the position of a bank teller. You should also add that you want to assist the development of the bank through managing the monetary transactions and assisting the customers with the transactions that they need.

Professional experience

In this part you should tell the employer about your past experiences. Include the date and location of your employment. Your resume should say that you maintained daily records of the customers’ monetary transactions and made sure that all the payments were made to the persons who were authorized. You made sure by checking the name, signature and details.

Also mention the fact you helped the customers with their deposits by comparing the amount of money received and the one on the pay-in-slip. You maintained records of the transactions both in digital and written formats to be able to generate receipts and statements for the customers.

Mention the equipment that you used for your job, such as the counting machines to keep a record of the deposited currencies that were shipped to other branches and that you sent the same information to the manager as well.

Inform the employer that in case there were any discrepancies regarding the transactions and accounts of the customers, you sorted out these problems. In case a customer wished to open a new account, you helped him or her through processing the information offering help with the needed documents.

Skills, competencies and strength

In this section you could include accuracy meaning that you pay attention to details, being organized and the ability to set your priorities, a certain level of knowledge regarding computers and the ability to work with deadlines and with computers.

Education and qualifications

Make sure that you include all information about your education that is relevant for the employer (also include those that don’t seem to be relevant). Although the resume should offer an advantageous picture of you, you should never distort reality.

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