Theatrical Director CV

A theatrical director is a professional who has the important responsibility of creatively interpreting the whole script available, keeping in mind the budgetary concerns and other aspects of the project. Their role is quite important in all the stages of production, till the completion of the script. A theatrical director CV should depict the required level of experience on the part of the candidate so as to handle various complex scripts single handedly.

Sample Theatrical Director CV

Mark Deinert

509 Murphy Canyon Rd

San Diego, CA

Contact No: 858 452 4215

Email Id: med@ute.sus

Performance History

I have been working as a theatrical director in various organizations for the past three years. I have worked closely with the production team and always tried to create a performance which can directly connect to the audiences. I have worked full time in my past organizations and have acquired the knowledge of the various norms used in the media industry.

Career Objective

Seeking a position as a theatrical director in a respected organization where I can use my creative thinking and organizing skills in developing quality scripts and implementing them successfully.

Work Experience

Moxie Interactive, 2010-2011

Theatrical Director

I have worked with the actors, sound and light technicians, costume designers and the set designers in order to create a perfect ambience at the shooting set. I managed the budget issues related to the production, scheduled the rehearsals and reviewed the whole process of production in a detailed manner.

Prospects, 2008-2009

Theatrical Director

My typical activities included working with the writers to discuss any required improvement or deviation in the script, breaking down the script into parts for detailed

study and interpreting the same. I was also conducting auditions to hire the required personnel for the production house.

Educational Qualifications


Course: Bachelors degree in Mass Communication

Institution: Hilbert College of Media Education


Course: One year course in TV and Film editing

Institution: Manhattan College of Film Production

Additional Skill Sets

  • Strong organizational and managing skills.
  • Good leadership and public speaking skills.
  • Ability to negotiate well with various clients for the contracts.
  • Able to manage time well and to work as a team player.


Available on request.

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