Trainee Business Analyst CV template

A trainee business analyst, also known as a junior business analyst is an individual who is responsible for supporting the business executives by doing research in the market and use industry data in order to improve the process within the organization. They also help in planning, designing, testing and implementing the projects of the clients.

They may also have to evaluate a certain service or a product line. It is necessary for an individual applying for the job position of a trainee business analyst to have a CV that will highlight all his work experiences and knowledge in the field. Thus he should refer to the structure given in a trainee business analyst CV template to draft an accurate CV.

Trainee Business Analyst CV template


[Specify the personal details of the candidate]

Name of the candidate: _______________

Residential Address: Street address ______________ City ____________ State ____________ Post code _____________

Phone number: __________

Current Employment Status Expected: ________________

 Career Objective:

I am seeking a job as a trainee business analyst in a reputed organization where I can put my training and __________________________________ [mention in details the knowledge possessed by the individual that he wants to apply] to good use.

 Educational qualification:

Degree type Specialization if any Date of passing Name of the educational institution

Bachelors degree in __________ __________ __________ __________

Masters degree in __________ __________ __________ __________

 Skill Sets:

Quick Decision making skills

Good management skills






[mention the strong points of the individual that would help him in the particular job position]

Work experience:

Worked As ______________ [job designation]

With _________________ [name of the employer organization]

From ______________ to ________________ [work tenure in that organization]

Where I was __________________________ [mention in details the various job functions in that position]

 Other information:

Date of birth: ________________

Marital status: ___________

Languages known: ______________

Nationality: _______________


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