Public Policy Analyst CV template

A public policy analyst is an individual who does research in complex issues and recommends policy actions in order to find a possible solution to the issues. They usually work in a government organization and tackle variety of problems that are affecting the public. They have to market their solutions to the makers of the policy and the public.

It is necessary for a public policy analyst to have good research as well policy making skills. In order to draft an effective resume they need to refer to a public policy analyst CV template. The template gives an idea about the points to be highlighted in CV.

 Sample Public Policy Analyst CV template


____________________ [name of the candidate] _________________ [email id of the candidate]


Career achievements:

• Experience in government relations and legislations

• Knowledge of marketing policy solutions to media

• Ability to _____________

• Knowledge in ______________

[the various competencies of the applicant that will help him in the position of a public policy analyst]


Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy from _______________ [name of the educational institution] in the year ______________ [year of completion]

Contact details:

Residential address: ____________________________________

Residential phone number: _______________

Cell phone number: _______________

 Professional experience: [give a detailed work history of the applicant as public policy analyst and other positions]

Designation : As a public policy analyst

Company’s Name : ____________

Years of service : ____________

Areas of Expertise : ____________

Designation : ____________

Company’s Name : ____________

Years of Service : ____________

Areas of Expertise : ____________

Designation : ____________

Company’s Name : ____________

Years of Service : ____________

Areas of Expertise : ____________

 Professional Reference:

Name of the individual:

Designation of the individual: _______

Employer organization of the individual: _________________

Contact number of the individual: ____________

Address of the individual: ____________________________


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