Equity Research Analyst CV Template

An equity research analyst is an employee of a financial company who is responsible for analyzing risks and studying different markets to suggest better investment ways to clients or the traders of the company of the clients. To get the job as an equity research analyst, one must prepare a well detailed CV or resume which contains details regarding skills and qualifications which the candidate has acquired.

To frame an impressive CV one can take help of equity research analyst CV templates which are ready made document and can be used by anyone.  Sample of one such equity research analyst CV Template has been provided below for your reference.

Sample equity Research Analyst CV Template

Applicant’s name:[mention name of candidate]

Residential Address:[mention address of candidate]

Phone number:[mention contact number of candidate]

Email ID:[mention email address of candidate]

Work experience[here, the details of the past work experiences of the candidate must be given]

  • Experience in equity research analyst at ___________[give name of company] for a period of _________[give number of years of service] at the position of _________[give the title held]
  • Also worked as a ________[give exact title] at ________[give name of company] for a period of _______[give number of years]

Personal Information

  • Employment Status:
  • Marital Status:
  • Date of Birth:

[mention other personal details of the candidate here]

Career Objective[write the career or resume objective of the candidate in this space]

Skills and specifications[give the various skills possessed by the candidate in this space]

  • ______________________________


  • I am an extremely _________ [mention skills] and __________ [other skills] individual who has the ability to __________.
  • I possess ________ [give details of other skills].

Education[The candidate should provide educational qualifications in this space]

  • I have pursued ______________ [name of course] from __________ [name of college] in the year [give year].


References available on request.

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