Hotel & Restaurant Franchise CV

The Franchising Contracts Director for a chain of hotels or restaurant is responsible for directing a team of contracts administrators or specialists in winning and managing contracts in the franchising business to expand the company’s presence over its identified markets.  The Franchising Contracts Director often works closely with the business development managers to ensure that they can expand the business into new markets, identifying business partners willing to take on the company’s name and follow its standards.

Sample Hotel Franchising Contracts Director CV Template

Henrietta V. Coppertone

Longsmith St., Gloucester, UK

Phone:  0345-332-7155


To work as a Hotel Franchising Contracts Director for a large retail, airline or manufacturing company with a large property inventory to manage.

Professional Experience


1995 – Present: Hotel Franchising Contracts Director, Le Cirque Soleil Food Chain, UK

  • Develop, administer and revise as necessary, the contractual obligations of both parties in any franchising deal, with special focus on the standards the franchisees must comply with to preserve the brand positioning and image of the company across the markets where the franchise will be built.
  • Ensure that contract specialists are properly trained to administer their respective franchising assignments.
  • Draft and implement franchising contractual obligations.
  • Manage docket of Contract Services and update franchising database including property data used, licensee information, affiliation fees, post execution fees, incentives, etc.



  • Strong organizational, managerial and supervisory competence
  • Excellent verbal and written communication as well as interpersonal skills to interact with buyers
  • Excellent time management and people management skills.


Generated more than 15m in franchise sales between 2001


1996 – 1998: MBA, Cambridge University

1990 – 1994: BS in Public Administration, University of Aston, Birmingham


Can be provided upon request

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