Administration secretary CV

The job post of an administrative secretary is basically clerical in nature that requires a person to perform basic administrative duties. A person is responsible for date entries, filling records, checking files, marking regularity of the employees etc.

A person who wishes to apply for the job post of an administrative secretary should have knowledge of scheduling meetings, preparing presentation materials, reviewing documented reports etc. One can apply for the job post of an administrative secretary by referring to a CV template that is called as administration secretary CV template. This is a form like document that has empty spaces for an applicant to fill his details and information.

Sample administration secretary CV



• Name:

• Complete Mailing Address:

• Contact Number:

• Marital Status:

• Date Of Birth:

• Languages Known:

• Nationality:


[ A short, precise and descriptive statement of the career objective has to be mentioned]

I look forward to be employed as an administrative secretary at your reputed organisation so that I get an opportunity to exercise my administrative skills in the best possible way


[Mention the employment history of the applicant giving full details about his place of employment, post at which he was employed, employment tenure and duties that were being practiced]

EDUCATIONAL HISTORY:[Mention the educational qualifications of the applicant, giving full details about the degree or

the course that was completed, place at which

the degree was attained, year of completion and other important information]

SKILLS AND POTENTIALS:[Mention the skills of the applicant so that an employer can hire the right candidate for the post of an administrative secretary]

Some of the key skills of an applicant are :

I. _______________

II. _______________

III. _______________

AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: [Mention the awards and achievements of the candidate]


I. _______

II. __________

III. __________


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