Chief accountant CV template

 A chief accountant is the person who is responsible to look after the monetary aspects of the company. His main duty is to manage staff accountants and look after the financial transactions that are taking place within or outside the organisation.

A candidate applying for the job post of a chief accountant must be knowledgeable as to review, correct and analyse the inconsistencies in financial records and hence implement a necessary solution for the same. To apply for such a job post, a person may refer to a readymade CV that is called as a chief accountant CV template. A candidate just has to fill the necessary details against the mentioned fields.

Sample chief accountant CV template


Personal Details: [ A candidate must mention his personal information as below:]




Contact No:_______________

Marital Status:__________

Current Employment status:_____________

Career Profile:

Loyal, hard working and a goal oriented person, proficient with skills such as ____________, ___________ and ____________ [mention the skills of the applicant], looking forward to work as a chief accountant at your reputed organisation.

Skills and credentials:[ A candidate should brief some of his skills and potentials that are necessary for the job post]

1) Good accounting skills.

2) Knowledge about financial updates

3) Decisive

4) ___________________

5) ___________________ [other important skills]


Education- [A candidate must mention his educational background]

1. Name of the university –

Degree/curse completed-

Year of completion-

2. Name of the university –

Degree/curse completed-

Year of completion-

3. Name of the university –

Degree/curse completed-

Year of completion-


Professional Working experience [A candidate should brief his professional working experience in the table given below]

Name of the company Job Post Period of employment Duties practiced

XXX ABC DD/MM/YY TO DD/MM/YY 1._________


XXX ABC DD/MM/YY TO DD/MM/YY 1._________



XXX ABC DD/MM/YY TO DD/MM/YY 1.__________






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