Chartered Accountant CV

A Charted Accountant has to look after the various finance process of the company like accounting, taxation, auditing, financial reporting and other processes related to the finances. This is a very responsible job and Charted Accountants also help companies to find out the financial frauds and irregularities if any in the company.

Charted Accountant CV is helpful for all who want to apply for the job of a Charted Accountant in the various industries.

Chartered Accountant CV Template

John Roger

87, Lake Road,



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 876 45 43 19 1

Telephone Number: + 1 399 633 0983

Career Objective: I want to join a finance company as a Charted Accountant and want to use my knowledge for the company and also want to grow high in my professional career.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: KKK Finance Company, Montana

I have worked for the KKK Finance Company as a Charted Accountant. My responsibility was to keep track of all the financial processes of the company and to do audits. To set the yearly budget was also my duty.

2006 – 2007: YTH Accountants Inc., Montana

I have worked as an Assistant Charted Accountant in the YTH Accountants Incorporated and my duty was to work under the Charted Accountant for the various tasks.


1999 – 2002: B.Com. in Accounting – Financial Planning Track, University of Montana, Montana

2003 – 2005: M.S.E. in Financial Mathematics, University of South Carolina, South Carolina


I was appreciated in the company for making the management aware about the financial irregularities in the company.


  • Rock-climbing
  • Travelling


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