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A chartered Accountant is always expected to provide information on finance that is trust worthy.This may be in auditing, taxation, financial reporting, accounting system, business recovery and finance related processes. They play an important role in advising their employers or clients in increasing the profits and cutting down the irrelevant costs. They also review budget allocations and keep track of financial processes and system of the organizations. Their advices are sought in legality of taxations or financial transactions and are expected to have knowledge in financial regulations of the government. They often provide crucial inputs to management about business acquisitions or merger with other organizations. They help detect financial frauds or illegal transactions and suggest processes to prevent them.

Chartered accountant CV is helpful for people who want to work as chartered accountants and have completed necessary qualifying exams.

Chartered Accountant CV Format

Robert Jones

34 River Rd



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 990 76 35 33 7

Telephone Number: + 1 270 473 3949

Career Objective: I am looking for an opportunity to work as Chartered Accountant with reputed organization where I can justify my skills and knowledge.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: FFF Accountants Inc, Kentucky

I have worked with FFF Accountants Inc, Kentucky as Chartered Accountant. In my role as chartered accountant I was responsible for carrying out regular audits and keep track of financial process followed. I also prepared financial reports for the management on budget decisions.

2006 – 2007: GGG Finance Company, Arizona

I have worked as an Assistant Chartered Accountant. My role was to assist the main Chartered accountant for various tasks.


1999 – 2002: B.Com. in Accounting – Financial Planning Track, Arizona State University, Arizona

2003 – 2005: M.S.E. in Financial Mathematics, University of California, California


I was appreciated for reporting a financial fraud in the sales department during audits. I further suggested proper process to prevent such irregularities in future.


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I will provide references on request.

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