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Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer CV

Wireless and Satellite Dish Installers are telecoms equipment installers specialized in the installation and maintenance of wireless data and satellite antenna dishes. These are microwave frequency antennas that connect the office or home wirelessly to the telecom company’s base or repeater stations through a direct line-of-sight connectivity.  They erect the antennas either on the exterior walls and windows to from a roof top pole.  This can also include ground installation of satellite dish antennas. They are also responsible for installing the necessary modems or routers to activate your broadband internet connection on the PC or laptop.

Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer CV Format

Peter V. Samson

Fountain Valley, LA, California

Phone: (818) 334-4856

Career Objective

To work as a Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer for a large telecommunications company with a network of wireless data connections for consumers

Professional Experience

2003 – Present: Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer, AT&T Wireless Group

  • Confirm with dispatcher on the week and day schedules for antenna installation in homes and offices
  • Assist the telecoms engineer in surveying the proposed location for antenna installation to ensure it has the required line of sight before proceeding.
  • Apply approved standards and methods, along with the prescribed tools to be used in the dish installation in client premises.
  • Perform internet connectivity stress testing to ensure that wireless antenna is satisfactorily installed
  • Prepare and complete the installation documentation for client sigh-off for invoicing purposes.

Skills and Qualification

  • Bout 7 years of experience in antenna installation for wireless broadband internet connection.
  • Above average comprehension skills to follow high complexity instructions
  • Excellent physical health and strength to climb tall structures in installing dish antennas.


2003 – Present: In-house training on emerging wireless data connectivity technologies along with telecoms hardware and software developments.

2001 – 2003: Associate in Electronics, Burbank Technical Community College

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

Cellphone Technician CV

Mobile Phone Technicians are initially trained as electronics technicians but have specialized in troubleshooting and repair for a growing number of cellphone and smartphone users.  While majority of cellphones in the entry and budget levels are essentially throwaways, medium and upscale models and smartphones are not. Mobile Phone Technicians can restore a non performing units back to normal at just a fraction of the price of getting a new one in the same class.

Cellphone Technician CV Format

Mike T. Cortez

Margaret St., Key West, Florida

Phone: (305) 355-2654

Career Objective

To be a cellphone technician for a mobile telecoms company in the west coast area.

Professional Experience

2002 – Present:  Senior Cellphone Technician, Verizon Florida

  • Examine cellphone or smartphone device sent for maintenance and conduct initial observation of operations to confirm complaint.
  • Re-install cellphone systems and reboot to evaluate if problem continues
  • Conduct manufacturer’s prescribed diagnostics for hardware problems if the rebooted newly installed OS confirms the problem.
  • Open, disassemble and perform in-depth troubleshooting for each modules to isolate cause of problem using approved electronic tools and testers.
  • Document repair work and parts replaced for accurate client billing purposes.
  • Observe assigned work shift schedules to achieve maximum productivity.

Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent grasp of consumer electronics and cellular telephone under the GSM and CDMA technologies.
  • Above average comprehension skills to follow medium complexity instructions in cellphone repair.
  • Excellent computer literacy and proficiency in handling hardware, software, and peripheral tools required in the repair of cellphones.


2001 – 2002:  Associate in Cellular Communications, ITT Technical Institute, Online Course.

2000 – 2001: Diploma in Consumer Electronics, Tampa Technical Community College

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

Telecom HR Manager CV

Human Resource is a very vital part of the success of any organization and it is a work with a higher responsibilities. Like other sectors there is a good scope of HR career in Telecom industry also.

Given below is the sample of the Telecom HR Manager CV and this will help the employees who want to apply for the HR manager job in the Telecom Companies.

Telecom HR Manager CV Format

Adam Smith

8, Helwin Street,

Los Angeles,


The United States of America

Tel: +1 987 273 993

Mobile: +1 873 841 338 8633

Career Objective:

I want to join the organization for the better growth of my career. I also want to achieve my higher career aims with my hard work and dedication and want to use my knowledge for the benefit of the company.

Professional Experience:

2007- 2009, XYZ Company, Arizona

I worked as a HR Manager and my job profile was to take care of the requirement of the sales force and lead the team of the assistant HR consultants.

2005- 2007, ABC Company, California

I worked as a HR manager and my work responsibilities were to approve the sales force requirements and also interview the higher level management personals and to recruit them.


2005 – 2007: Master in Management – Human Resource, University of California, California.

2002- 2004: Bachelor in Business Administration, University of Arizona, Arizona.


I have very good communication skills and I can manage good relations with the clients. I can also search and select the industry best employees for the company.


  • Golf
  • Cycling
  • Swimming


Upon Request

Telecom Project Manager CV

Telecom industry is one of the booming industries and can bring to you many opportunities. This industry has a very bright future and ample opportunities. Hence, it will help you plan a bright career ahead.

Telecom Project Manager CV will really be helpful while applying in telecom industry.

Telecom Project Manager CV

John Smith

D/17, West Street,

San Diego,


Mobile No. +001 423 0345 920

Telephone No. +001 438 643 876

Career Objective: I am looking for an opportunity to work with an organization where I can grow with the growth of an organization. I would like to put all my skills and knowledge for the development of the organization.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2010: XYZ Company, San Diego, California

I have worked here as a Telecom Project Manager. I have completed my mission of introducing new service and manage the team of professionals to achieve the targets. My job profile included team management, service introduction and under-taking key management processes.

2004 – 2007: ABC Company, San Diego, California

I worked as Assistant Telecom Manager. The job profile included supervision of new services and achieve the targets.


1999 – 2001: Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications – San Diego State University, California

2002 – 2004: Master of Science in Telecommunication and Information Technology, University of Phoenix, San Diego, California


I have got best student award in my Master’s Degree. I have attended many training programs and have received best employee of the year award in 2008.


  • Travelling
  • Networking


References can be provided if required.

Telecom Sales and Marketing CV

Telecom is a sector with rapid growth so it has many good job openings. Given below is the sample of the Telecom Sales and Marketing CV. This will help to apply for the Sales and Marketing job in the telecom companies.

Telecom Sales and Marketing CV

Robert Parker

34, String Street,

Los Angeles,


Mobile No. +001 765 2840 298

Telephone No. +001 887 924 874

Career Objective: I want to join the organization with a rapid growth and I want to learn more career skills with the company seniors. I want to pursue my higher career aim with my hard work and dedication.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2010: XYZ Company, Los Angeles, California

I worked as a Telecom Sales and Marketing Manager with the company. My role was to set the targets and to help the company to achieve the sales targets. It also includes the launch of the new products.

2005 – 2008: ABC Company, Los Angeles, California

I have worked as an Assistance Sales and Marketing Manager in Telecom department of the company. My key responsibilities were to assist the zonal manger and to supervise the staff and motivate the team to achieve the targets.


2000 – 2003: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Networking & Telecommunications, University of Arizona, Arizona

2003 – 2005: Master in Telecommunications and Marketing Management, University of California, California


I won the best employee award in the year 2007. I have expertise in giving seminars on how to motivate the sales force and to achieve the desired target sales.


  • Cycling
  • Golf


I will provide references on the request.

Telecom Technician CV

Telecom Technician is job full of responsibilities and needs round the clock working. The job needs lot of dedication and commitment. The professionals having sound technical background can apply for such job.

The sample of Telecom Technician CV will be helpful to you if applying for this kind of job.

Sample Telecom Technician CV Format

Sam Anderson

C/10, King Street

Los Angeles,


Mobile No. +001 855 3986 379

Telephone No. +001 480 597 403

Career Objective: I am looking for a technical responsibility with a reputed telecom organization. My aim is to provide round the clock service to the customers with my efficient and skillful technical knowledge. I am looking for growth with a growing organization.

Professional Experience:

2004 – 2010: XYZ Company, Los Angeles, California

I am working here as Lead Technician. The job profile includes renovation, maintenance and repair of switches, network circuits and other technical equipments.

2000 – 2004: hABC Company, Los Angeles, California

I worked here as Network Operations Technician. The job profile included surveillance, trouble-shooting and network operations.


1996 – 1999: Bachelor of science in Telecommunications – San Diego State University, California

1999 – 2000: Certificate in Basic Electronics – California State University, California


I have a working experience as a technician for reputed organizations. My current organization awarded me with the Best Technician Award in the year 2009. I have attended ore than 15 training programs through out my career to enhance my technical knowledge.


  • Travelling
  • Music


I may provide as many references as required on request.

Telecom fresher CV

Telecommunication is one of the booming sectors in today’s economy. With the globalization the need for the communication is increasing day by day so many new telecom companies are coming and the older ones are expanding their network. This has created a lot of job openings in the telecom industry.

You can use the following Telecom Fresher CV format when applying for the job in the Telecom industry for various positions.

Telecom Fresher CV Format

Emma George

A/12, New Avlon Tower,

New Jersey,

New York

The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 098 76 34 08 2

Telephone Number: + 1 987 098 1209

Career Objective:

I want to join the organization where I can learn professional career skills form the seniors and I want to achieve my career aims with my hard work and sincere efforts. I want to use my knowledge for the benefit of the company.

Professional Experience:

2007-2009 XYZ Company, California

I have worked in the XYZ Company as a trainee telecom process engineer. My job profile was to look after the various telecom processes and to evaluate them and to make the professional reports.


2005- 2007: Bachelor of Information Science – Telecommunication, University of New York, US

2007-2009: Master of Information Science – Telecommunication, University of California, US


I have learned many professional career skills at the internship program. I have very good analytical skills and I can use all my positive strengths for the benefit of the company.


  • Tennis
  • Base ball
  • Cooking


Upon request

Router/Switches/IP Test Engineer CV

This is a very specialized job. The router/switches/IP Test Engineer needs to be technically sound. The professionals having CISCO network certification can apply for such positions. The past experience always counts. If you have similar qualification and now you are looking for any such opening than the opportunities are waiting for you.

The sample of Router/Switches/IP Test Engineer is given here for your reference.

Sample Router/Switches/IP Test Engineer CV Format

Neon Jones

350, Weller Square  ,



Mobile No. +001 689 2804 629

Telephone No. +001 243 966 457

Career Objective: My aim is to utilize my networking and routing knowledge for further career growth. I am very keen to utilize my rich working experience and CISCO certification to serve a reputed and professional organization. I would work with my full abilities and achieve success for my organisation and me.

Professional Experience:

2005 – 2010: XYZ Company, Indianapolis, Indiana

I am working here as Network Engineer. I have hands on experience of installing and configuring CISCO 2950 and 3500 switches. The job profile also includes trouble-shooting of bay routers and Nortel routers.

2002 – 2005: ABC Company, Indianapolis, Indiana

I have worked as System Engineer. The job profile included networking and working on LAN and WAN. I also supported network engineers on huge routing projects.


1997 – 2000: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Indiana University, Pennsylvania

2000 – 2002: Certification in CCNA and CCNP – California


I have working experience on huge projects and have received sufficient training.


  • Exploring New Gadgets
  • Chess


I will provide required number of references on request.

Telecom Area Manager CV

Telecom Area Manager has bright career opportunities. The job profile requires active handling of customers in particular territory. The telecom industry is in continuous need of manpower and intelligence. The industry requires the best talents and you can also be the one.

The Telecom Area Manager CV sample is presented below for your future reference.

Sample Telecom Area Manager CV Format

Tom Alter

C/87, Batwing Street



Mobile No. +001 728 4328 529

Telephone No. +001 976 234 685

Career Objective : My aim is to achieve my future goals with a futuristic organization. I would be glad to work with a growth oriented and professional organization. I will put all my abilities on work to increase the sales and customer base of the organization I work with.

Professional Experience:

2006 – 2010: XYZ Company, Columbus, Ohio

I am working here as Telecom Sales Executive. The job responsibilities include presenting and selling new service to the set of customers. I am handling a vast customer base and also work hard to get repeat orders and after sales service orders.

2002– 2006: ABC Company, Columbus, Ohio

I worked as Sales Engineer. The job profile included assisting the customers with their specific requirements and market survey for sales leads.


1998 – 2001: Bachelor of Science in computer science – Michigan State University, Michigan

2001 – 2002: Post Graduate Certificate Diploma in Marketing – New York State University, New York


I have generated many new leads and have handled the existing customers to provide best service.


  • Travelling
  • Chess


I will provide references on request.

Telecom Customer Service CV

Telecom Industry is the most expanding industry. It offers opportunities to the professionals in sales,

customer service, networking and engineering. The professionals having good communication and

analytical skills can aim for working in customer service field.

The sample Telecom Customer Service CV is given below for your reference.

Sample Telecom Customer Service CV Format

Lloyd Boyl

765, Trans Street



Mobile No. +001 682 8632 825

Telephone No. +001 725 269 472

Career Objective: I aim to work in telecom industry to serve the customers. My aim is to utilize my experience in customer service for individual as well as organizational growth. I have a relevant qualification and would like to use it to gain experience.

Professional Experience:

2007 – 2010: XYZ Company, Austin, Texas

I am working here as telecom Customer Service executive. The job profile includes handling customer queries and providing timely service. The responsibilities include database management of customer issues.

2005 – 2007: ABC Company, Austin, Texas

I worked here as Junior Customer Service Executive. The job profile included providing service to the customer as well as maintaining service records for future reference.


2001 – 2004: Bachelor of commerce – Michigan State University, Michigan

2004 – 2005: Post Graduate Diploma in Customer Care – Texas State University, Texas


I have a consistent track record of providing timely service to the customers. I was recognized for the top 20 training in Customer Service. It helped me develop my knowledge further.


  • Reading
  • Listening


I will provide required references on request.