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Mental Health Social Worker CV

A mental health social worker is a person who does social work by interacting with mentally challenged people, people who are trying to recover from a trauma or help them to cope with life and distress. A Mental Health Social Worker CV should highlight the communication skills, educational qualifications, past experience since experience is important in this job and affability of the person.

Sample Mental Health Social Worker CV.

Personal Details of candidate:-

Name- Josephine Bridges.

Address- 83 Madeline Street,

Greg Avenue,

New York-118495

Phone number: – 374(162-478)

Email id-

Career Objectives:-

A mental health social worker trying to reach out to all those who are attempting hard to cope with life, individually and socially in a way that we can ensure these people are healthy and successful some day . Thus trying to ensure a better and healthier future for our fellow citizens.

Educational Background:-

2005- Masters in Social Working and Social Studies, University of New York.

2003- Bachelors in Sociology and Counselling. University of New York.

Professional Experience:-

2006-present- Central Institute of HealthCare, New York.


  • To reach out and try to help all those who have been trapped in a mental insanity and needs help to grow out of their distress.
  • To co-ordinate with all fellow social workers in order to make each day brighter for these people.
  • To accumulate sufficient funds and plan newer programmes and monitor them regularly to ensure a positive development.
  • To help them communicate socially with all sorts of people and help them to be like any other person with normal dreams and aspirations.

Child Development Specialist CV

A Child Development Specialist is a person who supervises and initiates the development of a child by creating the suitable environment, studying the development of a child and then communicating with his parents about the observation. Besides evaluating and analysing the development of the child, a child development specialist has to create different programmes for the development of different children. Therefore a child development specialist CV must outline the essential qualities of a candidate.

Sample Child Development Specialist CV

Personal details of candidate:-

Name- Welma Osbourne

Address- 18, Montgomery House.

Lake Vivian Avenue.

153756, San Francisco.

Phone number- 245(375684)

Email id-

Career Objectives:-

A child development specialist aiming to ensure a positive , healthy and assuring development for every child so as to ensure a healthier future of the country.

Educational Background:-

2004- Masters in Child Psychology, from University of San Francisco.

Special Workshop on Counselling.

1999-2002- Bachelors in Psychology, from Maryland College, San Francisco.

Professional Experience:-

2006- Assistant Child Development Specialist in Rio Healthcare, San Francisco.


  • Creating new and advanced programmes that will help each and every child to develop in their own special way.
  • Keeping track of every child’s past and every phase of development to communicate a thorough observation and suggestion to his parents.
  • Also keeping a track of the new programmes and observations in the field of study so as not to face a backlog.
  • Taking up an unbiased approach towards learning and development of children and dealing with each child in a special manner so as to cater to their problems specifically.

Social Service Casework Supervisor CV

A social service casework supervisor supervises the analysis, collection of reports and dissemination of data with regards to social service casework done in various areas and groups of people. They also identify the problems and arrange for financial reports while looking after the paper work involved in all this. Therefore, social service casework supervisor CV should highlight the leadership qualities of the candidate proficiently and succinctly.

Sample Social Service Casework Supervisor CV

Personal Details of candidate:-

Name- Fiona Harper Stenton

Address- 92, East Cullingham Street,

Mistletoe Boulevard.


Phone number- 4278849


Career Objective:-

Being a social service casework supervisor looking for challenges to prove my abilities as an efficient and able casework supervisor in the field of social service. Besides I aim to contribute in accomplishing the objectives of the organisation through my sincere social services that will reach out to people from all sections of the society.

Educational Background:-

2004- Masters in Social Studies (with a special course in Women Studies), University of Aberdeen.

1999-2002- Bachelors in Sociology. King’s College , London.

Professional experience:-

2007- Social Service Worker at CRY.

2005- Assistant Social Service worker at BELONG.


  • Trying to reach out to people from different sections of the society without bias or prejudice.
  • Supervising the casework thoroughly to ensure no mistakes and inaccuracies are detected leading to false reports and wrong deductions.
  • Working in a co-ordinated manner with my colleagues and subordinates to achieve the objectives of the organisation to help as many people as possible.

Social Services Case Manager CV

A social services case manager is a person, who manages the clients’ welfare related services such as elderly care, mental health, medical health, metal or substance abuse and so on. They investigate and evaluate the client’s psychological, psychiatric and medical needs and offers remedies and treatment plans. Thus a social service manager CV should include his educational background and past work accomplishments.

Sample Social Services Case Manager CV

Tony Michelle

19, Elm Street

Boston, BL 43376

Mobile Number: 44 509 57741

Telephone Number: 44 1081 57942


Career Objective:

Seeking the position of a social services case manager in a reputed health organization, where I can utilize my medical and professional skills for the welfare of the community; and where I can work with the best of my abilities.

Educational Qualification:

1999-2002: Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology, University of Illinois.

2003: Post-graduation in Sociology, University of New York.

2003: Diploma in Social Work management, University of Illinois.

Work Experience:

  • 2003-2006: Volunteer Social Welfare Department, New York.


I.    Deputy Case Manager.

II.    Supervisor and trainer of volunteers and program staffs.

III.    Case management coordinator.

IV.    Child counseling.

V.    Documenter of patient’s medical records.

  • 2006-2009: Center of Urban community services, Chicago.


I.    Psychosocial and psychological counseling.

II.    Supervisor, child medical and psychological problems.

III.    Patient advocate, investigator and reporter of adverse occurrences.

IV.    Coordinator and supervisor of overall program staff.

V.    Social service trainer.

  • 2009-present: Rainbow Welfare Organization, Minneapolis.


I.    Case management supervisor.

II.    Chairperson, member recruitment board.

III.    Interview and assessment of new volunteers.

IV.    Preparation of medical and psychological reports of clients.

V.    Senior counselor of child trauma.

VI.    Fund distributor to homeless and deprived.

Hobbies: debating and photography.

Achievements: Gold Medalist in graduation.

Public Housing Adviser CV

A public housing adviser is a person, who guides and advises his or her clients on decisions regarding estate, housing, property and other relates issues. They advise and suggest their clients, the proper places to look for while purchasing property or houses. The public housing advisor CV should include his qualification and past job accomplishments.

Sample Public Housing Adviser CV

Ronald Lewis

60, Locust Street

Albany, AB 32982

Mobile Number: 55 429 45072

Telephone Number: 55 7688 34852


Career Objective:

Looking for the job of a public housing adviser to utilize my knowledge and skills, and extend a helping hand to my clients, enabling them to purchase the best residential estate, house and property. I shall strive to work for the welfare of my community with the best of my abilities.

Educational Qualification:

1995-1998: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of Yale.

1998: Post graduation in Human Resource Management, University of Yale.

1999: Certified training in public housing consultancy.

Work Experiences:

  • 2000-2004: ADA public housing consultancy


I.    Conducted client interviews at office.

II.    Client’s problems diagnosis and offering solutions.

III.    Referred clients to solicitors and supporting solicitors.

IV.    Mediated and negotiated troubles between clients and property owners.

  • 2005-present: RADAR public housing consultancy


I.    Referred clients to other agents as solicitors, and other social workers.

II.    Client’s problem diagnosis and solution offering.

III.    Legal advice to clients in matters of estate and property.

IV.    Prepared and implemented strategic and operational plans.

V.    Communicated to estate owners on behalf of clients.

Hobbies: debating, photography and traveling.

Prison Social Worker CV

A prison social worker is entrusted with the job of making sure that prisons are not sites of exploitation and abuse. They ensure the maintenance of human rights, sanitary conditions, adequate recreation and entertainment for prisoners and general atmosphere of a prison. Such a person must be well trained and thus a prison social worker CV must highlight these qualities of the candidate.

Sample Prison Social Worker CV

Jane Symonds

35 Brent Street

London 3857

Telephone number: 348776

Mobile number: 387946607

Email address:

Career Objective:

To work as a prison social worker and ensuring that the prisoners are not exploited or made subjects of abuse and torture. A prison social worker is an important job in maintain social health and thus it is an extremely challenging job which truly appeals to me.

Educational Background:

2006: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Cambridge.

2008: Obtained a Master’s degree in sociology from the University of Cambridge.

Professional Qualifications:

I am an extremely patient person and can deal with high stress jobs with ease and equanimity. Thus this job of a prison social worker seems an apt one for me.

I have previous work experience of working in NGOs and other forms of social work.

I want to make a lasting contribution in the lives of people who are not privileged. A prison social worker’s position will give me the opportunity of making a difference of some lives.

Professional Experience:

2009-Present: Working as a social worker in Sunshine, an NGO for underprivileged children.

Family Counselor CV

A family counselor is an important person to whom the personal, emotional and mental problems of family members can be entrusted without the fear of leakage or scorn. A family counselor not only knows about each member’s issues, he or she can deal with them effectively and sensitively. Thus a family counselor CV must outline his or her capacity in these areas.

Sample Family Counselor CV

Martha Johnson

Clark Street



Telephone number: 48757467 [R] and 23875679 [O]

Mobile number: 87486758757

Email address:

Career Objectives:

I want to be employed as a family counselor as it is a very rewarding and challenging job. I understand the challenges of the job and I am trained and experienced in the finer nuances of such a profession and can make a lasting contribution to the field and my patients’ lives.

Educational Background:

2003: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh.

2005: Obtained a Master’s degree in clinical Psychology from the same institution.

2006: Obtained a Licensed Professional Counselor certification.

Professional Background:

  • I am excellent at communicating with moody depressive people and can inspire in them the confidence they need to start exploring their problems.
  • I am patient and dedicated to my craft and I am genuine desirous of helping my patients overcome their problems in any way I can.

Professional Experience:

2007-2010: Worked as a school counselor in Green Park High School.

2010-Present: Working as a professional counselor at Greenwich Institution of Mental Wellbeing. I specialize in treating mood disorders like anxiety disorders, depression, mood fluctuations and bipolar disorders.

Clinical Social Work Therapist CV

Clinical social work therapist has the job of carrying out clinical process by a philanthropic way. They are associated with philanthropic organizations or medical institutes which conduct social works. A clinical social work therapist CV must be designed outlining the essential quality and knowledge of a candidate which is generally taken into consideration by the recruiters.

Sample Clinical Social Work Therapist CV

Julia Andrews

House no 23, Beverley Lane


Contact Number: 54356777

Email id:

Career Objective:

Seeking a position of clinical social work therapist in a repute organization through which I can exercise my clinical expertise at its best.

Educational Qualification:

  • 2001: Bachelor’s of Clinical Science, From Washita University of Clinical science and research with GPA 5.0/6.5
  • 2002: Master’s in Clinical Research and Application , From Denver Clinical Research Institute USA with GPA 4.25/5.0

Professional Experience:

  • 2003-2008: Worked as an assistant medical social worker in Denver Medical Institute and Social Service Organization.
  • 2008- Present: Working as a Clinical Social work therapist in “United Cherish”, a philanthropic organization, USA.

Professional Responsibilities Undertaken:

  • Handling medical issues with clinical expertise and providing clinical suggestions to the needy.
  • Conducting Medical camps at the rural areas.
  • Motivating people for making proper diagnosis of their diseases through proper medications and clinical implications.
  • Efficient in handling various clinical techniques and instruments used for the diagnosis purpose of patients.
  • Advocated various medical camps organized for social services


  • Received  “First Class” degree in graduation by From Washita University of Clinical science and research

Child Welfare Caseworker CV

Child welfare caseworker deals with the cases which can bring well being for the children by solving their problems. Therefore, a child welfare caseworker CV must enunciate the important qualities and knowledge of the candidate in order to find their proficiency in the particular field.

Sample Child Welfare Caseworker CV

Shane Crowe

Date of birth: 7th April 2011

Address: 78 Tigra lanes


Contact number: 78799888

Email id:

Career Objective:

I am looking for a position that would expose me to various challenges and through which I could explore endless opportunities for both myself and the organization.

Academic Background:

2003: Bachelor’s of Science with specialization in Child Psychology

2005: Master’s of science with specialization in Child social work

Professional Experience:

2005-2008: Worked as an assistant children welfare officer in “Luthern Children Rights Protective Society” USA.

Responsibilities Undertaken:

  • Reviewed the existing strategies for protecting children rights extensively.
  • Provided assistances in creating awareness among the family members regarding the rights of the children which could protect them.
  • Designed Special safety plans for the children.

2008-Present: Working as a Child Welfare Caseworker at “National association For Children rights protection”, USA

Responsibilities Undertaken:

  • Handling essential complains and cases which are subjected to violation against children rights.
  • Making the concerned party aware about the legal actions that can be taken for solving the problems.
  • Bringing new reforms for the children society and ensuring their well-being.


Awarded degree of excellence for the work conducted at Luthern Children Rights Protective Society” USA.

Child Support Officer CV

A child support officer CV must be constructed clearly yet succinctly depicting all the assistance qualities of a candidate needed for developing child supporting strategies. The resume should effectively include specific details required for the particular job position.

Sample Child Support Officer CV

Bradley Steward

2, West Avenue

USA: 7678899

Phone number: 12345671

Email id:

Career Objective:

Seeking for a position of a child support officer through which I can exercise my expertise in the field of providing support to the children. Even I want to get associated with such an organization that would offer me professional training for carrying out skilled child welfare work.

Educational Background:

2001: Bachelor’s of Science with Specialization in Psychology

2003: Masters of Science with Major as Child Psychology

Certified degrees in various vocational learning programs which include computer training, organizing children workshops and medical camps.

Professional Experience:

  • 2006-2008 Assistant Child Support Officer in “We- The Future” an initiative taken by Honorable government of United State of America for developing child support programs.
  • 2008- Present Child Support Officer in “ Organization for protecting the rights of the children” in USA

Responsibilities Undertaken:

  • Duties involved preparing the cases files of the children according to which proper support is being provided to them.
  • Creating awareness among the family of the children about the enforcement of laws that is there for providing support to them.
  • Reviewed complain application regarding child right violation and taken initiative to reach to those needy children for support as soon as possible.